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you analyze the incredible scenario of this ASSE-Bastia, with Corsicans that equalize in time additional (2-2)?
Fran?ois Clerc: the analysis is that the adjudicator made a huge mistake that cost us two points. He had that this watching on this match and do not see it! This victory we tended the arms. Two points less, we know the impact that this can have at the end of the Championship. We saw last season, it was very tight. There, in the 94th minute, frankly, is a vol. There's no other Word. We are really disappointed because we had done what was needed, it had responded well after our defeats in a row (against Toulouse and Marseille, Editor's note).

Feel you very angry, you who are usually more moderate.
There is a sense of injustice when it happens like this. Sometimes it is a bit contentious, but this is blatant! In addition, the ball does not come from far, so he (the referee assistant) sees the beginning, guys... He must see the offside, but has not seen. It is like that.

Your team has any of same fact evidence of excitement on the end of the meeting,?
Yes, but it is always the case when there is that a goal of gap, with long balls, duels, and second balls. Perhaps, it could score the third goal to kill the game, but again, it is a mistake of the referee that toggles the meeting and changes everything. Unfortunately, this can also change the season.

Interview by Franck Talluto, our correspondent in Saint-Etienne

the 8th day of Ligue 1 in pictures:

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